How and when to burn sage to clear negative energy

Ahhh, the smell of sage. I don't think it's just my opinion or imagination because every day when a new or existing client comes into our space at Union of Body, Mind & Soul I hear the same thing,
" Something smells so good, what is that smell?  Our answer ... we just burnt some sage or in some cases, we spray the room with our Vibe Up spray. 
The energy in our space is so important to cleanse, we want to keep it clear from unwanted energies so nobody else feels or absorbs something that is not there's to take on.
As a life coach and energy practitioner, this is one of the first steps I teach individuals to understand how to clear and protect their own personal space. 
If you've ever walked into someone's home or office and just felt uneasy, moody or sad then you probably know what I mean about why you will want to clear and cleanse the space. It's normal for energy to hang out but we want to ask it move on and allow the...
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Are you an empath or just empathetic?

Are you often told that you are “too sensitive” and need to "toughen up."?

Do you feel highly attuned to other people’s moods, good and bad?

Does spending time around people feel exhausting and draining? 


Recently, I had the opportunity to offer a talk to a room filled with women looking to learn more on finding balance within their bodies energy system also known as the Chakra system.

In the audience,  a woman said she believed she was an empath and wanted tips on how to protect her energy.  She explained that she struggles with feeling completely overwhelmed in crowds, can't watch the news because she feels emotionally drained, often has anxiety and panic attacks. 

This seems to be more common than you think. Maybe you've been struggling with the same feelings. I'm here to say there are some techniques you can do to protect yourself from getting sucked into the black hole of feeling the pain...

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Love note to the Magnificent Mamas

Dear Magnificent Mama,


Hey, mama,  Spring is here ... it feels so good to get out and touch the earth and take notice to the beautiful plants and flowers blooming. Isn't it amazing that spring comes every year ... mother earth is so intuitive no matter how warm or cold she still encourages the blooms to begin their phase of new life.  

To me, spring represents the beginning, a fresh start, a new life. Spring is a reminder of the precious gift of life. If you're reading this you have miraculously been granted that gift of life. I'm betting you have many talents that you've played small or even diminished in your life.

How do I know that?


Sadly, I was that girl, who thought that everyone else was smarter, prettier and more talented. I saw nothing special within. Finally, I grew sick of hearing my story of excuses as to why I wasn't doing the work that I was called here to do, I wasn't making enough money, living where I wanted to live,...

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Discover the Person You Were Designed to Be.

Imagine what it would feel like to truly feel free to be…. YOU. 

Could you easily say with little resistance, "Love me for who I am, not for who you want me to be…. for I am free to be me!"


Wouldn’t it be so nice to have a world filled with people who felt authentically free to be exactly who they were created to become? Imagine how much happier our world would be. Offering an atmosphere for individuals to live out their dreams with no worries or fears that held them back from doing what makes them feel empowered and excited to live their life. Not living the life that someone tells them they should be.


As a mom, I encourage my boys to grow and explore so they can experience their likes and dislikes. Encouraging them to be the best they can be as individuals. We are teaching our boy’s to identify and pursue their daily goals and desires. Working towards giving them the awareness and understanding that they are in control over what makes...

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Grounding Techniques for the Super Busy Mom


Are you struggling with feeling overwhelmed or sensitive to loud noises?

Feeling exhausted and lightheaded even after a full night sleep?

Anxious and the feeling disconnected finding it difficult to get anything done?

Call it what you want, empathetic, sensitive or compassionate. These emotions are often the root cause for feeling exhausted in good times or bad.

Kids activities, partner disputes, gossip, news can all leave a heavy emotional imprint on us. Although it’s a good thing to feel in touch with your feelings it can all spiral out of control feeling disconnected to your best self.

Here are some tips for the next time you are feeling out of sorts. Anyone of these techniques will help you to regain a sense of physical and spiritual connection to get back to feeling vibrant, focused and back on track.

Get with Nature

Get out in nature, take your shoes off and plant them in the grass or if you're able to go to the beach and dig in the sand. If you like to dig,...

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Take Care of Yourself

For the love of your family, please take care of yourself first. By doing so you will be teaching them a valuable lesson that will stay with them forever.  


Raising kids certainly has its ups and downs in every stage of life. It seems like we are constantly putting the needs of the children in front of our own basic needs.


Feeling empty, exhausted and often frustrated with so little left to give at the end of the day.


Long gone are the Brady Bunch days when Mrs. Brady always looking well put together and happy.


Is it possible to be that in control never to raise your voice even at the most chaotic moments?


Life is much different today, as mom's we are working part time or full time, running kids in every which direction possible. It's seems difficult to stay calm and breath it all in.


What is the point if we can't find happiness on our journey throughout  parenting?  


What exactly are we waiting for?  To someday...

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The Power of Gratitude.

Having gratitude can change the way you see the world and what you see within yourself and others. 


The simple act of feeling grateful for what you have experienced in a day can change the way you feel and what you attract into your life completely.


In my early day's of exploring personal growth and development I started a daily journal. At the end of the day I would jot down all the things I felt grateful for that day.


Doing this activity seemed to reduce my level of stress while shedding light on the bigger picture of what it was that I wanted in my life.


Having a deeper connection to gratitude seemed to illuminate the path of what I was truly seeking.... Enlightenment!


All the while what I really wanted was to be happier, feel more loved and identify my core values. Journaling my gratitude did just that.


As I continue my practice of gratitude I have taken it to a deeper level by specifically writing to a...

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The Dark Truth about Living with Self-Sabotage

Break free from the Self-Defeating thoughts that keep you living small.

On the outside you may look like you’ve got it all together. On the inside the little voice inside keeps telling you words that discourage you from feeling happy, joyful, lovable, successful and empowered.


Chances are you wouldn’t allow anyone to speak to you the way you speak to yourself. If you were to record your daily thoughts into words you would be mortified.


Many of us would hate to admit or take responsibility that our thoughts are self-sabotaging our true happiness. Our relationships are not as joyful and loving, our careers or professions are empty and unfulfilling, and our life mission feels like we just simply existence.


Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and lack of control we just go on day to day with relationships that are barely amicable, struggling with health issues with little motivation to do anything about because the challenge of finding enough time...

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Design your Story


If you’re like most people you want to live a purpose filled successful and  happy life. For some reason, daily life just seems to be getting in the way from living that life you once dreamed of achieving. The truth is that you are not here by some coincidence, your life was created by a miracle and now is the best time to start living life on purpose. With focus and intention you can go from where you are to where you want to be by designing your life. No more excuse’s of not having enough time, money, resources, connection’s or support. There are more important things to focus on then why you can’t.  Focus on why you CAN and NEED to live your life by achieving greatness in taking action. Beside’s if you keep doing what you’ve been doing chance’s are your going to keep getting what you’ve been getting.  If don’t like what you see, do or feel it’s up to you to become the change and take action to make...

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