How and when to burn sage to clear negative energy

Uncategorized Nov 20, 2019
Ahhh, the smell of sage. I don't think it's just my opinion or imagination because every day when a new or existing client comes into our space at Union of Body, Mind & Soul I hear the same thing,
" Something smells so good, what is that smell?  Our answer ... we just burnt some sage or in some cases, we spray the room with our Vibe Up spray. 
The energy in our space is so important to cleanse, we want to keep it clear from unwanted energies so nobody else feels or absorbs something that is not there's to take on.
As a life coach and energy practitioner, this is one of the first steps I teach individuals to understand how to clear and protect their own personal space. 
If you've ever walked into someone's home or office and just felt uneasy, moody or sad then you probably know what I mean about why you will want to clear and cleanse the space. It's normal for energy to hang out but we want to ask it move on and allow the partnership of the sage and Mother Earth to dissolve and recycle the unwanted negative energy. 
So let's clear and cleanse your crystals, home or office and yourself. 
The energy in any house, office or even car can get stale, stagnant or negative. It's just like physically cleaning your home, dust and dirt begin to collect weather we like it or not.  Some of us wait for the dirt and dust to build up before it drives us crazy enough to clean.
You can clear and cleanse your space every day or multiple times a day if you feel it's necessary. When I work with clients in my office or on the phone, I clear the energy of my space in between sessions. This helps me to ground and clear so I can be fully clear for the next client and their needs. 
Here are some scenarios that could warrant you the desire to cleanse the energy of your being, space, and crystals.
  • when you move into a new home
  • if someone has been sick
  • if you have had a party or a group of people visiting your home
  • if you seem to be going through a dark period or things seem to be constantly breaking
  • if you feel the energy in the house feels heavy
  • if you've noticed a lot of disagreements or arguments
  • if there has been a loss of a loved one or a grievance
  • if you work from home and want to clear the energy before family members come in
Clearing and Cleansing Ritual
Each time you use your crystals or want to clear your space, pull out your clearing and cleansing toolbox. There are several options to clear your personal energy, the energy of your home/ personal space or the energy of your crystals. Personally I use a variety of tools such as burning sage, palo santo, sound and sometimes a Vibe Up spray handmade with sage, palo santo and lavender in a crystal-infused Reiki charged mixture. 
Sage Sticks
Burning sage has been known as Native American/ Indigenous ancient ritual to purify and drive out negative energy bringing balance back to the desired space.
When looking to purifying an individual, space, objects or land holding negative energies the smoke can be used to clear and melt away the undesired energies, self-defeating thoughts, and situations that may fill the air with heaviness.
The smoke created from burning sage releases a large number of negative ions into the space resulting in the feeling of high vibrations, light, and peacefulness.
Sage has also been proven that burning sage removes a whopping 94% of bacteria in the air. When the researchers tested the air a day later, it was still clean. This is a great tool to use especially during cold and flu season to keep the air clean from germs. 
How to Use Sage:
Invoke or ask the plant spirit of the sage to be with you in assisting the cleansing of this space, body and or crystals. Be sure to use a fireproof container such as an abalone shell to catch any fire that may fall from the sage stick. Light your stick and allow it to burn for about 30 seconds before you blow it out.
Call upon the spirit of the plant medicine of the sage and use one of the smudge prayers listed below or create your own.
Sage your Body
When you see the smoke you will begin by sage yourself. Begin at the top of your head and work down towards your feet allowing the smoke to surround you melting away all negative energy.
Sage your Space
As a symbol of setting the intention to allow the negative energy to remove itself from your home, open the front doors and windows. Start at the front door, sage the outside of the door.  Enter into the house, using a feather or even your hand to waft the smoke into all corners of your home.
Sage your Crystals
Release and unwanted energy that may be clogging your crystals from all the work they do by immersing them in the sacred smoke of the sage.
When you have completed your cleansing, place the sage stick in the abalone stick or fireproof container. If need be snuff it out or it will burn out by itself.
Enjoy this ancient ritual as a part of your daily life, inviting positive vibes to fill the space. 
Here is the Smudge prayer I use. Feel free to use this one or create one that feels right for you. 
Smudge prayers:
I ask that the plant spirit of the sage please cleanse and remove all unwanted negative or low vibrating energies that do not serve us. Please release it to the universe and fill this space with love, light, and joy.
With this smoke, I release all energies that do not serve me, surround me or hold me hostage with limiting beliefs and fears that keep me from living my truth. Please refresh and recharge my body, mind, and space with all positive, feelings and vibrations that serve for the highest good.
If you have any comments or questions or would like to purchase one of your own Sage Clearing kits or Vibe Up Spray email [email protected] 

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