Grounding Techniques for the Super Busy Mom


Are you struggling with feeling overwhelmed or sensitive to loud noises?

Feeling exhausted and lightheaded even after a full night sleep?

Anxious and the feeling disconnected finding it difficult to get anything done?

Call it what you want, empathetic, sensitive or compassionate. These emotions are often the root cause for feeling exhausted in good times or bad.

Kids activities, partner disputes, gossip, news can all leave a heavy emotional imprint on us. Although it’s a good thing to feel in touch with your feelings it can all spiral out of control feeling disconnected to your best self.

Here are some tips for the next time you are feeling out of sorts. Anyone of these techniques will help you to regain a sense of physical and spiritual connection to get back to feeling vibrant, focused and back on track.

Get with Nature

Get out in nature, take your shoes off and plant them in the grass or if you're able to go to the beach and dig in the sand. If you like to dig,...

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