The Power of Gratitude.

Having gratitude can change the way you see the world and what you see within yourself and others. 


The simple act of feeling grateful for what you have experienced in a day can change the way you feel and what you attract into your life completely.


In my early day's of exploring personal growth and development I started a daily journal. At the end of the day I would jot down all the things I felt grateful for that day.


Doing this activity seemed to reduce my level of stress while shedding light on the bigger picture of what it was that I wanted in my life.


Having a deeper connection to gratitude seemed to illuminate the path of what I was truly seeking.... Enlightenment!


All the while what I really wanted was to be happier, feel more loved and identify my core values. Journaling my gratitude did just that.


As I continue my practice of gratitude I have taken it to a deeper level by specifically writing to a person who I feel thankful toward and why I am thankful for them or what they did.


There are times I write this as a thank you note and send it.


Sometimes I just write it as a note in my journal and keep it.


There are times when I just send it as a text or an email.


There are no rules to having gratitude and how you appreciate it. Just keep in mind that it is an energy and the more positive vibes you send out the more positive vibes you get in return.


Which ever you decide that is best for you,  practice sending gratitude out to the universe as a thought, a thankful prayer or a note it is all filled with good energy. 


So if you want to raise your vibe for having more joy, love and gratitude in your heart start writing your gratitude letters and seal them with love.


Share what your grateful for today!


Sending big hugs,


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