Holistic Life Coaching

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Holistic life coaching is a powerful practice that helps you to connect with your highest potential. Offering deep transformation as we holistically connect body (physical), mind, (emotional) and soul (spiritual). Bringing balance to your physical, emotional and spiritual health can lay the foundation for great change to occur leading to a healthy lifestyle that feels completely comfortable.


Often, we find ourselves stuck in old thought patterns and behaviors of who we should be and how our lives should look. Leaving little space to dream of anything more then what is.


The stories we tell ourselves cause fear, anxiety, depression, and frustration leading us down a slippery slope of low self-worth and self-defeat disconnecting us from our true lives purpose. We get plagued by feeling overwhelmed, doing so much to try to keep up yet never feeling enough. This vicious cycle causes us to miss the important things in life.


No matter what has happened in your past, it does not define your future. The beautiful thing is that we can all change our story starting right now.


Holistic life coaching helps you to break free of the obstacles that keep you feeling stuck, clears the unwanted thoughts and beliefs that keep you from the joy, happiness, and love that you desire and deserve.

How Can Holistic Life Coaching Benefit Your Life?

Refresh the Mind

Each session we will work on clearing the thoughts, behaviors or patterns that no longer serve you. Removing the negative energy will inhibit our ability to think clearly, feel more peaceful and be more present.

Embrace the Calm 

Through mindfulness practices, one will learn to feel the connection with the body's inner wisdom. With this principle, we will discover techniques to embrace the calm even in the midst of everyday chaos 


Identify Your Life Purpose

You are here to achieve greatness. As we gain clarity with each session we will implement tools and techniques to stay focused and on track. This principle will deepen your intention and desire to stay accountable to your goals and desires.

Wondering what steps to take next?

Are you looking to create a life of clarity, confidence, and interconnectedness? Ready to open the pathways to identify and elevate your most authentic self? Let's schedule a curiosity call so we can identify what you're looking to achieve and how I guide you on your life journey.

Life Balance

We will work on finding what work, life balance feels right for you and your family. Life comes with ebbs and flows, we will work on feeling prepared and ready for the shift and how to transition into the energy when it does change.

Create Healthy Relationships

Developing a deep sense of self-love we are able to see that same love exists in others. With this principle opens opportunities to heal from old wounds, forgive and strengthen existing relationships, and establish new healthy relationships.

Connect with your Intuition

You already know exactly what to do. You have all the answers within. You are the keeper of wisdom. It is time to let your wisdom goddess shine. We will work on the tools to open your ear chakras to help you listen, balance your throat chakra to help you speak your truth. Connect with your higher self to help you gain trust. Feel grounded and ready to take action on your intuition thoughts.

Are you ready to Transform your Life?

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” – Lao Tzu

"I am very grateful that I have chosen Elizabeth Sanchez as a coach and guide to my personal and professional growth. The person that I see now, 8 years later, is no longer someone without a voice, that no longer lets fear control her or allow others to dictate my choices. All of the things that held me back or limited myself, were things that lived within my own mind and were created by my own insecurities. It took years of monthly continuous work, of evaluating the voices within me, of learning about myself, and looking through different perspectives to be able to stand here and feel confident in my own skin. To be able to say I am proud of who I am, that I have a clear vision of my values, and to be comfortable walking my own path is a gift. And Elizabeth has given me that. I know my journey is continuous, and my investment into my growth needs to be a priority to me. As life often challenges us, and having the ability to turn to my mastermind group for support and guidance is priceless. "

Ania Fidduccia
Owner of All Service Concierge

"I first met Elizabeth a few years ago and decided at that time to have her coach and mentor me. I did not realize that through coaching, most of my “business” coaching with her would actually turn into much needed personal development. She asks the right questions to lead me to very important decisions and has helped me not only to focus and prioritize, but to also grow and learn how to be a better person in all aspects of my life! I am able to look at difficult problems in different ways so that I can come up with the right solution. The higher I would rise in my position with my organization, the more I realized how important it was to talk to someone on the outside to keep me grounded, focused, and positive. She is a breath of fresh air and has truly helped me transform on a professional and personal level! "

Louise Loehwing

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