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I’m Elizabeth.
I’m dedicated to offering nourishing wisdom to the body, mind & soul of magnificent mamas and a few courageous men on a soul journey to stand in their power and live life in magnificence. Using a combination of over 27-years in health and wellness, incorporating holistic life strategies, energy healing, the wisdom of mother earth energy, and intuition. You will find my courses and private sessions conjoin tips, tools, and strategies to become the best version of you on your daily journey of life.

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Are you Ready to Vibe Up?

This package of (3) coaching sessions will give you the boost you need to get unstuck, clear blocked energy and create a clear plan to get on a path to raise your vibration and feel more productive in your business and life.

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Are you shining your authentic self to the world?

We know you are a beautiful warrior goddess that is just waiting to shine your truth. With this package of (9) sessions, we work on aligning with your true desires.

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Are you ready to connect with your best self?

This package is a year-long commitment with your future self, overcoming obstacles and breaking boundaries as you become your most authentic, confident and happiest self.

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What would your life feel like if you could ...

Love Deeply

We can only love others as much as we love ourselves. It is not something we give or expect to get.  As we grow and nurture our own love we are able to cultivate and deepen the love that exists with others. 

Speak your Truth

Imagine feeling free to use your voice, to stand up for what you want, and to create your sacred boundaries. Letting go of what other people think to identify and feel who I am and what I believe is my authentic self.

Embrace Joy

Joy is a divine quality of inherently connecting with our truth.  Having the ability to feel lighthearted, playful, and free.  Explore playfulness, laugh openly, and find wonder in the smallest things is your divine ability.

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Partnering with the Universe

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7 Pillars of Wisdom Workshop

"Most of my “business” coaching with Elizabeth has actually turned into much needed personal development. She asks the right questions to lead me to very important decisions helping me feel grounded, focused on priorities, but to also grow and learn how to be a better person in all aspects of my life!"

Louise Loewhing
Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

"I am very grateful that I have chosen Elizabeth Sanchez as a coach and guide to my personal and professional growth. The person that I see now, 8 years later, is no longer someone without a voice, that no longer lets fear control her or allow others to dictate my choices. All of the things that held me back or limited myself, were things that lived within my own mind and were created by my own insecurities. It took years of monthly continuous work, of evaluating the voices within me, of learning about myself, and looking through different perspectives to be able to stand here and feel confident in my own skin. To be able to say I am proud of who I am, that I have a clear vision of my values, and to be comfortable walking my own path is a gift. And Elizabeth has given me that. I know my journey is continuous, and my investment into my growth needs to be a priority to me. As life often challenges us, and having the ability to turn to my mastermind group for support and guidance is priceless. "

Ania Fidducia
President of All Service Concierge

"After having my first Energy Balancing session I was experiencing some tightness and burning around my waist but by the morning it has gone away. It has been a long time that I have been able or desire to dance. After our session I danced around the kitchen remarkably for about 20 minutes without realizing it. My dogs thought I was funny dancing! Today I am feeling great! Thank you so much for your guidance and healing. I am looking forward to this energy healing journey!"

Laura Mccann

"Elizabeth has created a support system within my community. She fosters a sense of openness and self reflection that has helped me to remember the person I am. Through teaching different exercises, meditation techniques and self-reflective activities she has helped me to peel back the layers of stress and self doubt that were preventing me from doing what I wanted and seeking the additional support I needed. During the last year I have dramatically removed many negatives from my life and found ways to focus on the positives. The safe, welcoming and supportive spaces Elizabeth has created have been an essential part of the process. "

Siobhan Duggan

"When I first met Elizabeth, I knew I was safe... Her warm smile and jovial spirit made me feel loved and accepted. Elizabeth is very easy to talk to and during our sessions I am able to release so much that holds me down inside. Then she introduced me to Reiki energy healing and... Wow! The energy shifts, emotional release and positive changes that I experience during our sessions make me feel so alive! She didn’t hesitate to give me a lesson on all of the chakras and energetic gemstones and answered all of my questions with ease and love. Elizabeth is very skilled and intuitively talented and I highly recommend you get to know her."

Kristina Malone

"I started seeing Elizabeth in 2017 when I was feeling very overwhelmed, was having chronic pain and felt depleted by life. I had stopped enjoying my work. I was not taking care of myself and felt disconnected from my family. A friend referred me to Elizabeth and after the first few sessions, I started making changes in my life, both big and small. Her care, guidance, and ‘homework’, helped me to prioritize my wellbeing and then my life. Currently, I am able to manage my workload and personal responsibilities with more joy and enthusiasm. I feel more balanced, energized and capable of tackling new challenges. - Danielle"

Danielle G, MD
Medical Director

"Before I started working with Elizabeth I was feeling unclear and emotionally weighed down. My sessions with Elizabeth leave me with a sense of peace and focused direction. She has been able to help guide me towards understanding the energy between myself and the people in my life. Understanding this has enabled me to take a step back and focus on how best I can not only protect my own energy, but how I can better understand my relationships with my loved ones in a more productive way. When I leave a session with Elizabeth I feel clear. I feel positive. I feel lighter. I feel optimistic. I literally feel that any heaviness or negativity has been lifted and carried away. Elizabeth is so in-tune with me during our sessions and has helped me realize so many "a-ha's" in my current life struggles or obstacles. I am truly grateful to Elizabeth for helping guide me through my journey by helping me to gain clarity and insight. "

Amy Casas
Owner of Urban Float/ Rehoboth Beach

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