Love note to the Magnificent Mamas

Dear Magnificent Mama,


Hey, mama,  Spring is here ... it feels so good to get out and touch the earth and take notice to the beautiful plants and flowers blooming. Isn't it amazing that spring comes every year ... mother earth is so intuitive no matter how warm or cold she still encourages the blooms to begin their phase of new life.  

To me, spring represents the beginning, a fresh start, a new life. Spring is a reminder of the precious gift of life. If you're reading this you have miraculously been granted that gift of life. I'm betting you have many talents that you've played small or even diminished in your life.

How do I know that?


Sadly, I was that girl, who thought that everyone else was smarter, prettier and more talented. I saw nothing special within. Finally, I grew sick of hearing my story of excuses as to why I wasn't doing the work that I was called here to do, I wasn't making enough money, living where I wanted to live,...

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