Take Care of Yourself

For the love of your family, please take care of yourself first. By doing so you will be teaching them a valuable lesson that will stay with them forever.  


Raising kids certainly has its ups and downs in every stage of life. It seems like we are constantly putting the needs of the children in front of our own basic needs.


Feeling empty, exhausted and often frustrated with so little left to give at the end of the day.


Long gone are the Brady Bunch days when Mrs. Brady always looking well put together and happy.


Is it possible to be that in control never to raise your voice even at the most chaotic moments?


Life is much different today, as mom's we are working part time or full time, running kids in every which direction possible. It's seems difficult to stay calm and breath it all in.


What is the point if we can't find happiness on our journey throughout  parenting?  


What exactly are we waiting for?  To someday...

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