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Uncategorized May 05, 2016


If you’re like most people you want to live a purpose filled successful and  happy life. For some reason, daily life just seems to be getting in the way from living that life you once dreamed of achieving. The truth is that you are not here by some coincidence, your life was created by a miracle and now is the best time to start living life on purpose. With focus and intention you can go from where you are to where you want to be by designing your life. No more excuse’s of not having enough time, money, resources, connection’s or support. There are more important things to focus on then why you can’t.  Focus on why you CAN and NEED to live your life by achieving greatness in taking action. Beside’s if you keep doing what you’ve been doing chance’s are your going to keep getting what you’ve been getting.  If don’t like what you see, do or feel it’s up to you to become the change and take action to make it happen.


When I get this aggravating feeling within, I see it as the time to shift and make the change. We all get into a comfort zone and that’s ok but if you’re feeling the need for more or having thought’s of  there is more to life then this, it’s probably time to make that change.


In my mid 20’s I was seeking my purpose and what was I supposed to do with my life one of the phrases that hit me the hardest was something I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer say was  “don’t die with the music still in you” It was that moment when I  vowed that I never wanted to look back upon my life saying, I should have, could have or would have and if only! If it’s going to be, it’s truly up to me, I can’t blame anyone or anything for why I didn’t live life to the fullest. I’ve made it my mission and passion to encourage as many individuals to see the music within, to make the most out of life because you get this one chance to let it out.


Sit back, fill your lungs with a fresh clean dose of oxygen because you are about to embark on a journey of the true meaning of what life means to you by designing the story with purpose, passion and deep meaning that will take you on a journey to create joy, focus and success.


Imagine you have a magical pen and paper in your hand. Allow the flood gates of memories and feeling’s fill your head and heart. Bring yourself to the magical daydreams of the life  you once desired. If time and money were not an obstacle how would you be spending your day’s.


Ready to start the Design of your life? 

Get your pen and journal out and start designing your life. Be sure to include the supportive meaning and focus to what you want and why. These are the motivators that keep you on track to achieve greatness so be sure to consider these details to your story.


1) List your top priorities: What do you need to do in your daily activities to focus on accomplishing these priorities. Who’s lives are impacted when you focus on these priorities? How does it make you feel when you’ve accomplished these small steps to great rewards?


2) Identify your Core Values: Knowing your core value’s aren’t just for business’s to create a culture, they are like a map to what’s is important in our life, helping us stay focused and on target to achieving what bring’s happiness and inner peace. 


3) Get Real Assessment: What is your reality today and how can you get from where you are to where you want to go?  What are the action steps that you must implement to get you there? Who do you need to reach out to get help from?


4) The Motivators: No body can make you do anything you don’t want to do, it truly needs to come from within. Your big why must be the driving force behind the reasoning to get you to this destination in your life.  How passionate are you to fulfill this dream?


5) Detail your purpose: What we do must make some sense to see how our small daily action steps lead to great rewards leading us on a path to a greater good helping and having an impact on the lives of other’s.


Be as detailed as possible as you write out the story of your life, don’t stress out on making it perfect. Having a starting point is more important, as time evolves you’ll add and re-adjust the story as you achieve greatness. Take time to read your story daily, sit quietly as you imagine everything you wrote to be happening in your life today. Imagine 5 years into the future, your at a cocktail party with room filled with the people who have mentored and influenced you along the  journey to your passion filled life. How do you show up,  what is your new life story, how have you made an impact on the lives of those who you’ve touched?


You’re living the life you designed take this moment and THRIVE because you are a miracle of life and in complete control of your happiness!


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