The Dark Truth about Living with Self-Sabotage

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2017

Break free from the Self-Defeating thoughts that keep you living small.

On the outside you may look like you’ve got it all together. On the inside the little voice inside keeps telling you words that discourage you from feeling happy, joyful, lovable, successful and empowered.


Chances are you wouldn’t allow anyone to speak to you the way you speak to yourself. If you were to record your daily thoughts into words you would be mortified.


Many of us would hate to admit or take responsibility that our thoughts are self-sabotaging our true happiness. Our relationships are not as joyful and loving, our careers or professions are empty and unfulfilling, and our life mission feels like we just simply existence.


Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and lack of control we just go on day to day with relationships that are barely amicable, struggling with health issues with little motivation to do anything about because the challenge of finding enough time for work and family is demanding enough.


Sadly these are the concerns that I hear from individuals on a daily basis.


I admit I have gotten caught up in a few of these excuses and self-sabotaging thoughts from time to time. The difference of getting beat down by them or taking control of your happiness is what you do when you’ve had enough.


The truth is it takes more energy from you to live with fear, sadness and sorrow. Instead you could be living with freedom from fears, a sparkle in your heart for the love of life and belief of the greatness your future holds for you.


So I want to challenge you to break free from lack of self love, fears and contentment and trade it for all the happiness you desire and to have the spark within you to shine your light and love on others.


Here are a few steps to get started breaking free from negative patterns of self-sabotage so you can be reveal the real you.


Let Go of the Blame Game.

Blaming gives away your power, robbing you of good energy by taking away personal control over your life and true happiness. Instead of blaming, identify how  to change the situation by creating a better outcome. Sometimes it’s just a shift in how you view it or possibly see the lesson you needed to learn from it.


Shed You’re Unworthy Attitude.

It’s true what they say that our thoughts create emotions and our emotions create behaviors. When we are having feelings of unworthiness and not feeling good enough we act as though it is true. We emulate an energy that follows putting out a vibe to the world what you think of yourself. Shed you’re unworthy attitude by reflecting on your accomplishments and hold them in your thoughts daily so you can begin to act upon your inner greatness. Watch and embrace the world as they respond with love.


Face Your Fears Head On.

The projects you keep putting off, the decisions you avoid making and the minor details you avoid by not completing a task hold you back from moving forward into you’re bigger self. There are fears behind these procrastination’s and once you face each fear you’re able to break free from the burden it holds on your life.


Believe in Your Bigger Purpose.

There is no doubt in my mind that we have all been put on this big beautiful earth to serve a purpose. We come from a source of love that heals all illness. For many of us, we allow our fears and self-sabotage to keep us from stepping up to our bigger purpose. Chances are there is a desire within you that you are not serving because of your limiting believes. Today is the day to step up and make the commitment to yourself and your purpose to change and do what you’ve been put here to do because the world is waiting for you.


Begin with One Small Step.

Making a change is scary and can be so over whelming that we put it off for “someday” that never comes. A very wise friend of mine stopped me in my tracks of small thinking with a few words of wisdom, she simply said, “Elizabeth, Rome was not built in a day and neither will your project, so instead of stressing about it, do one thing each day that will get you closer to your goal, over time you will see how far you have come.” Challenge yourself to do one small scary task each day, it only takes about 30 seconds to get past the fear but just imagine how good you will feel when you’ve gotten it done.

Awareness is the first step to overcome defeat and self-sabotage. As you begin to hear your thoughts, take notice to the specific behaviors that are working against your desires.

Listening to your inner critic will help you take control of that little voice. Turn each negative thought into a positive affirmations to encourage you make the necessary changes.

Begin with one thought, one affirmation, one moment at a time.

Retraining your mindset takes time, it’s like a muscle just like if you were to go to the gym to strengthen and tone your muscles.

Take it one day at time, when you fall down, don’t stress it get back up and try again.

Believe in yourself.

Celebrate each action that take’s you closer to your goal.

Nourish your soul by focusing on what your doing right, encouraging you to do more of what feels good.

If you’re someone who really wants to make a change to live a happier life but just can’t seem to get started you are the perfect person to benefit from a life coach.

Having a life coach to support, guide and hold you accountable to make small changes will help you to see great benefits in your relationships, self-love, organization, career or business, health and beyond.

Ready to see great changes in your life?

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