Are you an empath or just empathetic?

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2019

Are you often told that you are “too sensitive” and need to "toughen up."?

Do you feel highly attuned to other people’s moods, good and bad?

Does spending time around people feel exhausting and draining? 


Recently, I had the opportunity to offer a talk to a room filled with women looking to learn more on finding balance within their bodies energy system also known as the Chakra system.

In the audience,  a woman said she believed she was an empath and wanted tips on how to protect her energy.  She explained that she struggles with feeling completely overwhelmed in crowds, can't watch the news because she feels emotionally drained, often has anxiety and panic attacks. 

This seems to be more common than you think. Maybe you've been struggling with the same feelings. I'm here to say there are some techniques you can do to protect yourself from getting sucked into the black hole of feeling the pain that can come from sensing into all of this energy. 

Listen in as my friend Sunit Suchdev interviews me as I share what it means to be an empath. We talk about the common misconception that an empath is verse someone who is very empathetic. We discuss and drill down to what it truly means to identify as an empath.

In the first 10 minutes, Sunit also gets me to share why I left a very lucrative network marketing business to pursue her dreams as a life coach.

Here are some points they discussed in this awesome interview:

  • the difference between being empathetic and being an empath
  • how to know if you are an empath, and how to protect yourself if you are
  • how to know if your child is an empath
  • how to respect and deal with others who are empaths
  • how this topic could explain the heightened issues we are seeing today with postpartum depression and anxiety, and sensitive children

Listen in and let me know what you think!



Learn more about all the gems Sunit Suchdev has to offer in her space 

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. 


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