Hey Magnificent Mama,

I’m Elizabeth.
I’m dedicated to offering nourishing wisdom to the body, mind & soul of magnificent mamas and men on a soul journey to stand in their power and live life in magnificence. Using a combination of my 20-year background in health and wellness, incorporating holistic life strategies, energy healing, the wisdom of mother earth energy, and intuition. You will find my courses and private sessions offer tips, tools and strategies to become the best version of you in your daily journey of life.

Let’s face it, life can be absolutely exhausting with so many moving parts, many responsibilities and not enough time to get it all done. Many of your hopes and desires for a more fulfilling life with more happy moments, a deeper sense of love and a feeling of blissful joy sadly fall by the wayside as you work daily in survival mode, all to wake up and do it again tomorrow.

Unfortunately, you are not alone. There are many individuals living with the same sort of story. Feeling like there is no way out. But what if you could find the Inspiration, Motivation, and Empowerment to see that no matter what your story has been up until today YOU have the control and choice to create the change, awaken the soul, open the MIND, identify your true life purpose and Take action to live, feel and become whatever you DESIRE!

We all have a story ~ Are you going to allow it to break you or make you?
What matters at this moment is what you are going to do to create the shift to get on the path to a higher vibration.
Are you going to sit in your shit or are you going to vibe up and do something that brings happiness into your life?
You get to choose and I'm cheering you on!

Mama Life

Becoming a Mama has taught me more then I could ever have imagined.

I’m beyond grateful for my kids.  I realize the unpredictable, scary rocky road to get them was only the beginning. Parenting teenagers are the real deal … nobody prepares you for this at all!


My husband Michael and I are completely blessed to share in life’s journey with our (2) boys that we call our amazing miracles. 

Jake (13) we adopted from Russia a few months before the higher powers decided to close the doors to American adoptions. Jake is a beautiful boy with a heart of gold with a Mama who has a huge belief that he is here to change the world as we know it. 


Then came Chase who is now a vibrant, silly and sassy 4 years old.  He was a complete mindblower as I was infertile for so many years that when he decided to surprise us, pregnancy was the furthest from my mind.

Laughing about it today, I thought my thyroid was out of balance and stress was getting the best of me.  So, you can imagine I had a lot of work to do around feeling grateful to the universe for this beautiful gift that I had asked for ... ohhh probably 8-10 years prior.  Besides the thought, how the hell was I going to have a baby at the ripe age of 41 years old?


I will tell you he keeps me young and laughing every day... well almost every day!


Funny how the universe has its own plans for us … just to see how we act and react and do our best to turn it all into something beautiful.


Again our choose … right?!



I’m a bit of an introvert that challenges myself to break free from my inner critic on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.


Choosing to be an entrepreneur was one of the biggest challenges to overcome. At the time my mindset kept me trading time for money, working in a less than mediocre job with no benefits to brag about. The truth is the pain of staying in that situation was worse than facing the inner critic that told me I wasn’t strong enough, good enough or smart enough to successfully grow a business.


As I worked on changing the behaviors and beliefs, that I thought was “normal” and stepping up and into my truth, coincidentally my business began to grow, I found my soulmate, established healthy relationships and I began to flourish as a person.


Investing in myself by taking courses, find coaches and mentors to guide me to become my best self became a top priority.  The desire to grow as an individual was to help remove the pain from the past, to identify my authentic self and feel free to step into a version of my best self.


Today, I see the purpose in the pain and help individuals to identify how to break free and heal backward so they can flow freely with wisdom, courage, and enlightenment into their future self.


Each of our fails, downfalls are here to serve you on a higher level. It’s what you do in the pain that matters. My wish for you is that you find inspiration, empowerment and the courage from something on my site for you to take action and step up so you can live your life in magnificence.


Maybe your curious to find out how I can help you. I would be happy to share in a brief conversation with you to identify what would be the best course of action for you and which one of my courses, energy balancing sessions or Holistic Life Coaching is the best to help you achieve your desires.

Are you ready to become your beautiful Authentic Self?

Let's identify and clear what energy blocks you from becoming your best self.


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